30 before 30

I was inspired by one of my sorority sisters, who also blogs over at Our Family of Three, to create a list of goals to accomplish by a certain time. Because I have a weird thing about numbers I decided to go with an even, "milestone" number, and made a list of things I'd like to accomplish by the time I'm 30. Below is that list. As I work towards, and accomplish, these goals I'll link to posts about that goal. If you want to know more about a goal that I've started working on, simply click on the link to the most recent post about it. Hopefully, my milestones will inspire you to set and meet your own goals!

  1. Start a blog  I really love crossing things off lists I've created! 
  2. Go on/plan a trip to Europe (that’ll be taken before the end of my 30th year, ex: 5yr anniversary trip for June/July 2015)
  3. Get back to goal weight range (135-140) and maintain
  4. Completely finish a lap size quilt or bigger
  5. Submit something to the State Fair for judging
  6. Landscape front and back yards
  7. “Decorate” front and back decks/patios
  8. Complete CPA Pre-requisites and get accepted to CPA/Masters program
  9. Get all debts, besides Student Loans and House, paid off
  10. Re-do basement living room and bathroom
  11. Organize craft closet
  12. Have a baby (or two)
  13. Organize garage
  14. Paint exterior of house or replace siding
  15. Develop a regular cleaning routine and maintain
  16. Develop a meal planning routine and maintain
  17. Organize the kitchen
  18. Create a seasonal decorating rotation with home accessories and plants for both interior and exterior
  19. Read at least 12 books
  20. Increase my income by 14%
  21. Be more “crafty”
  22. Run (not walk or run/walk) the Derby miniMarathon
  23. Send a letter/card to someone once a month
  24. Create a recipe binder
  25. Go to NYC during the holiday season
  26. Develop a better budgeting system and maintain
  27. Fill all my empty/old frames
  28. Re-do the family room
  29. Go camping
  30. Do the “My Old Kentucky Home” Bike tour

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  1. I LOVE IT! And I'm glad I inspired someone to do something =)