Thursday, September 27, 2012

Run (not walk or run/walk) the Derby miniMarathon

Post #4, a new page, and a new label to add to the list, woot woot! If you’ve checked out my 30 before 30 list you’ll see that on there is to Run, not walk or run/walk, the Derby miniMarathon. Well, I’ve started working towards that. You may notice there’s a new page at the top called My Derby Mini Training Schedule. Here you can see my planned training schedule to get me ready to accomplish this goal, hopefully this upcoming 2013 mini. You can also see where I’ve waivered from the schedule a little, as I make weekly updates to it based off what I actually accomplished that week. Feel free to utilize and modify this routine to help you accomplish your running goals.

A little history:
I’m not a runner, in any way shape or form. I was always one of those “I only run if I’m being chased” kinds of people. I played V-ball and Tennis in high school because they required the least amount of running. I wasn’t built for long distance running at all. I finally started jogging a little more in college, off and on, to try and combat the college pudge. It started because a girlfriend of mine talked me in to playing rugby with her, which required more running than I’d ever done before. Of course, I was in the pack, since I was too slow to actually be a primary ball runner. Later, I took a class… I got a B, lol! That’s right; a B in a class where all you have to do is jog! On the other side, I proved to myself that I wouldn’t actually fall over and die if I went more than 2 miles at one time, which had been the most I’d ever run before that class. After college we moved to AZ where I walked with girlfriends on lunch breaks and did the occasional jog “routine,” mostly because the hubby wanted to start running again, but those would last for a week or two and then peeter off.

Side note:
I’m not a fan of running with my husband for leisure (don’t tell him I sad that). I like doing races with him, for some reason it’s different, but get us doing a jog around the neighborhood and it usually ends with one of us annoyed with the other. I think it’s actually due to my own hang-ups. That man was built for running. He’s long and lean, and stubborn enough to not stop. He ran cross country and track all through high school, so he’s always trying to give me tips when we’re running, which for some reason drives me crazy. I don’t know why, other than maybe it just brings out my insecurities in my running abilities.

Long story short… too late (sorry)… I’m not a runner!

Anyway, in Aug 2010 we moved to Louisville, which is where the KY Derby is held. For most people across the country Derby is either just another day that you go along with never knowing that there’s even anything significant about that day, or it’s a day in which you go to a little party, maybe wear a big hat, and act like you’re rich and famous while you watch the “big race”.

In Louisville, Derby is nearly a month long, and for those truly involved, it can last all year, usually averaging out to having some sort of Derby related activity happening once a month. There’s royalty, golf tournaments, luncheons, and balls starting in early April, then, about 2 weeks before Derby, there’s Thunder. If you’ve never seen Thunder Over Louisville, you should, it’s a sight to behold. It consists of an air show in the afternoon followed by one of the largest fireworks displays in the world that night. Thunder is considered the kick-off for Derby festivities. It opens up the waterfront, which is a huge park on the river downtown, for the chow-wagon, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Derby activities can easily be taken part in on a daily basis.

One of these activities is the Derby Marathon and miniMarathon (1/2 marathon). Being a non-runner, I don’t know what possessed me to enter in to the Derby mini that first year we were here, but I did. And I completed it... I ran-walked it. It’s a great route and an amazing way to see all parts of the city. I don’t know what it was about that event, but when I crossed that finish line I had so much pride in myself and my newly adopted city that I was hooked. So I did it again the next year. This time I was with a girlfriend, and we “power” walked it. I finished in almost the same amount of time, lol. I like the idea of traditions, and doing the mini has become part of a tradition for me. So, of course, I’ll be doing it again this year. I’m determined to eventually run the whole thing. I don’t know if that’ll happen this year, but I’m going to give it the ol’ college try.

I found a training routine on-line here. I combined and adapted the 26-week marathon and 10-week ½ marathon training routines to fit my abilities and time-line. I realize I probably don’t really need to train for 8 months, but since I was starting new things at the beginning of September, and had just created my 30 before 30 list, I felt compelled to continue on my motivation high and start something else. I began on the first Monday of the month, I told you I like starting on the first of things, and while I’m only a month along, I’m feeling good about sticking with it, for the most part, this long, and the longer I keep doing it the more confident I’ll become in hopefully crossing something else off my list, which, for me, is one of my favorite things.

Do you have a list you’re working on? Even just a daily to-do list? One of my most favorite things is crossing stuff off of lists. If I have a to-do list that I’m working on and I get something done that I didn’t put on the list originally, I’ll add it to the list so I can cross it off. I really hope I’m not the only one who does that. 


  1. I'm excited for you to set a new record at this upcoming 1/2 marathon! Those running apps helped me get back out and running. The longest race I've done was the 10K, you've really encouraged me to aim higher for a half marathon! As far as list...I have a post-it note list everyday...if it weren't for that...I'd never get it all done!!! I love the 30 b4 30 idea...too bad I'm past 30 or I'd join in the fun :)

    1. Haha. I knew I couldn't be the only one!
      My godmother was the one who originally encouraged me to reach for something big like a 1/2 marathon. She was never a runner, or athletic in any way shape or form, but set out to do the Chicago marathon and actually did it. I was so proud of her that I decided I wanted to do something that seemed just as crazy for me. I actually do want to do a marathon some day, but that's further down the road. You can totally do it if you put your mind to it! I know it!