Friday, September 14, 2012

New Pages & H54F!

First, I really need to work on this whole blogging regularly thing. In my defense, I had family visiting from Colorado last weekend, and I’ve been super busy at work, so not much free time to write. There are also some major appearance changes I want to make, but I won’t have the time to play with that for a while still. Can that count as something crafty when I finally work on it?

Second, I’m really happy with where I got with the my gardens, but I still have a long way to go before I can cross anything off my list. Cooler weather and extra $$ are what I’m waiting on to move forward more with that project.

As for the whole wreath thing, total bust! It started out ok, but after adding it to my door and it being there for two weeks it’s become a sagging, pathetic mess. I wasn’t overly thrilled with it to begin with, so I’m just going to start over and instead I’ll post that project. Sorry if you were waiting on that.

Now, for the “big reveal”: I’ve added new pages at the top of my blog for easier navigation! There are still more to come, but for now, I have a “Our Home Sweet Home” page, where I’ll post pics of our home and the changes we’re making to it. Example: Instead of overloading this post with pics of the gardens, I’ve just added some before and after pics to this tab.

I’ve also created a “30 before 30” page, where you can see my list of things I want to accomplish before I’m 30, and my progress as I complete them. Keep in mind it’s for a 2 ½ year time frame, so a lot of the items are very broad. I’m working on creating a way to blow-out those goals into little “mini” goals that’ll be accomplished over a shorter period of time, but I have to determine the best way to present that, so it’s still a bit of a work in progress.

I’m learning that blogging is not nearly as easy as I thought it was going to be. I don’t know about you, but now that I’m putting parts of my life out there for all to see, I find myself thinking about things a lot more, which can be both good and bad, and worrying a lot more about how I present things to you all, and how it’ll reflect on me, also both good and bad. I am enjoying the whole process though, which is good, because that means I’ll keep it up.

Now for some “YAY!” stuff. A lot of people in the blogosphere are doing this thing called High Five for Fridays! It’s basically a way to reflect on your week and focus on 5 positives. I’m a fairly optimistic person, so this really is right up my alley and hopefully it’ll start to put me on a regular posting schedule. If you blog and want to link up your H54F posts, or see others who have linked up, check out From My Grey Desk.   

  1. I got the highest score in the class for the first exam of the semester in my ACC 201 class!
  2. I’ve made it through another week on my new miniMarathon training schedule (more on that later) and since I’ve started I’ve only missed one workout!
  3. The Broncos had an awesome win in the first game of the season. Even though I was sad to see Tebow go I love having Manning on my team!
  4. The J-Town Gaslight Festival starts tonight! It’s not anything to travel here just to go to, but it is a great way to spend an evening, and it tends to provide some creative inspiration, which I always love.
  5. It was plant adoption week at work!

Explanation: I work for a retail property management company, and our office is located in one of our own office buildings, where there’s a continual rotation of plants in the lobby. Every few months, or so, the old plants are swapped for fresh new ones and the old ones are brought up to the office to be adopted and taken home. They rarely have the same color or type of plant back-to-back, so I have a great collection at home. Some of them live inside, and some can be planted in the garden. It’s a great, free way to keep my house full of plants, which I love! This particular guy will be inside and will probably only last 6 months, at most. For some reason I just can’t manage to keep this particular type of plant happy for longer than that. I blame the plant, since the rest of my house plants are normally pretty happy.

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