Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amazing Weekend!

What an amazing weekend!

I’m a military brat, but I claim CO, which is where I lived the longest and both my parents are from, as my home state. When I was in HS and deciding where I wanted to go for college I was at a loss, other than being pretty positive that I wanted to go out of state. So, I applied to about a dozen schools all over the country and committed to going to whichever school sent me an acceptance letter first. I was accepted to all of them; however, Western Kentucky University was the first to respond, so I set out to become a Hilltopper. I literally did not know a soul at WKU and had never even been to KY until I went to do a tour after being accepted. It was terrifying and exciting all at once!

It’s funny how things happen sometimes, and the factors that lead you down the path you’re on. I could’ve decided to go to any of the schools applied to. Some had more prestige; some were in larger cities, and others where schools that I already knew people at, including my boyfriend at the time, but, I had made up my mind and I wasn’t going to back out.

I had originally been placed in one dorm, but opted for a different one, because I wasn’t familiar with the buildings and thought that my original assignment was to a dorm where a girl had been murdered the year before. My second assignment was to an all girls dorm, and I took it. Turns out not only did I get re-assigned to the dorm where the murder actually happened, but I was on the very same floor! I found out all this while I was moving in to my room, which meant I was stuck with my assignment. It turned out to be the best thing ever!

During MASTER Plan, which is WKU’s freshman orientation program that they do a week before everyone else can move in, I took a family friend’s advice and left my room door open whenever I was in the dorms. As a result, I met Stephanie, Lauren (Loli), Kim, Ellen (Oregon), Emily, and Jess. The seven of us clicked so well that we did just about everything together that week. They became some of my closest friends and even when I moved out of the dorms into the sorority house we still spent a ton of time together. Stephanie and I ended up living together in an apartment for our third year, and the other five rented a house together, which became a constant location of great festivities.

After graduation we ended up all over. Now, Loli, Stephanie, Emily and Jess all are living near Nashville, TN, Kim’s near Lexington, KY, Oregon’s in Chicago, IL and I’m here, in Louisville, KY. You’d think that most of us being driving distance from each other we’d see more of one another. Of course life gets busy and it becomes harder to get everyone together.

This last weekend was one of those times when we managed to get a small gathering of us. It wasn’t everyone, but it was spectacular! I had a spa night at my house where I got to see Stephanie, the one I see most often, since she’s also friends with one of my best friends, Jamie, and her fiancé is from Louisville. Then Sat and Sun were spent doing a distillery tour, slumber party, and horse racing at Keenland with Kim (whom I haven’t seen since my wedding 2 ½ yrs ago), Loli (last summer), and Oregon (homecoming 2 yrs ago). I was a little nervous, since I know people change, including myself, but it was as if we were right back in college! I love that we can go so long without seeing each other and then pick up right where we were instantly. Along with a few other people, these girls were my family in college, and they’ve helped me through so many hard times. It did my heart so much good to be with them and catch up with their lives in person, not just through Facebook stalking. I wish it could’ve lasted a little longer, and that everyone could have made it, but ultimately I walked away from this weekend with the reaffirmed knowledge that I am truly blessed with some amazing people in my life whom I know I can rely on for anything, even if I haven’t seen them in years.
1. Oregon and I witnessed a Mascot Party on our way to the Distillery
2. There was a giant buffalo statue at Buffalo Trace Distillery...So of course I had to "ride" it
3. Oregon and I waiting for the rest of the group to get there...Our Christmas pants were not planned ahead
4. Looking down a row of bourbon barrels on the distillery tour
5. We had a campfire at Kim's house where we had our slumber party
6. There was definitely drinking involved...We had some Bourbon Cream from Buffalo Trace; DELICIOUS! It's like candy
7. Loli and I at Keenland
8. We didn't have much luck, but it was a great day for horse racing
Like I said, what an amazing weekend!

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