Friday, October 19, 2012

Reaching for H54F

It's Friday again?!?! Man this week flew by. I guess that's a goof thing, right? Except I had a fairly uneventful week, which means I don't have much to high five about. Oh well, here goes nothing!

  1. My hubby's been telling me to dress up every day this week for a surprise, but I have no clue what it is! (Of course nothing's happened so far, but today he told me not to look at the bank account, because he knows I do that daily, it's a compulsion from being in charge of our household budget, which means he purchased something from somewhere that would give away the surprise. I'm super excited to see what it is, and why I have to be dressed up for it)
  2. It was a double plant adoption week for me! (I told you it was a pretty uneventful week. The tropical one will go in the house and the mums will go in the garden) 
  3. I talked to my sister the other night! (I miss her so much, but somehow our conversations tend to be spread out over weeks or even months. I think it's probably because we were never very close growing up, partially because we're pretty far apart in age, almost 6 years, as well as we're at very different stages in life. But it always does my heart good when I get to talk to her so that was a yippee for the week)
  4. I managed to run all three days for the full amount of time this week, and Blake's promised to run with me tomorrow! (This could end in one of us being very annoyed, but I love that he supports me enough to set that fact aside)
  5. I've been researching food a lot this week and I'm excited to try out this whole freezer meal planning thing soon! (I know it's nothing new, and I've certainly made some foods that I freeze, but I've never really done the all out prep once and have a full week or more of meals ready to go thing. Although, with it getting cooler outside I see some freezer to crock-pot cooking very much appealing to me.)
Sorry no pictures this week, but my hubby just surprised me at the office to take me out so no time. Have a great weekend and check out Lauren's blog for more H54F! 


  1. Number one is SOOO EXCITING!! I can't wait to hear what this turns out to be!! How fun is that?! You ran for three days? Girl, I ran on Monday. And that's it! Hahhaha. You go girl for getting three in and even have one planned for tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your surprise!!


    1. Hey Falen! Thank you for the encouragement! It means a lot, especially since I'm still just starting out in the blogging world. I ended up not running Sat, way too cold, but it was a great weekend with the hubs that you can read all about in my latest post. I wish there was a way to link up a post or site in the comments section. Oh well, hope you had a great weekend!