Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre-Halloween H54F

Happy Friday everyone! It's almost Halloween and I'm loving it! Are your costumes ready yet?
  1. The weather was absolutely amazing this week! (Of course, it's turned to crap today and will be cold and gloomy all weekend and into next week)
  2. The leaves are so amazing this year, I can't stop taking pictures of the trees! (The last two years it's seemed that we've gone from green to dead with little to no color, so I'm loving it this year)
  3. I think we'll be carving our pumpkins this weekend! (I love toasted pumpkin seeds)
  4. We're doing a big family dinner at my MIL's house tomorrow, and I get to introduce everyone to my favorite burrito recipe! (My mom makes them, and they're heavenly! I'll probably end up sharing the recipe, but for right now I'm hoarding it)
  5. Our friend Sara just moved into a new place, so she's hosting the Halloween party this year, tomorrow night! (We'll be going after dinner, of course. Read on to find out what we're going as)
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It's that time of year again!!! The time when you get to be crafty, creative, and play dress-up, some of my all-time favorite activities! This year, is a little lack luster compared to last year, for a number of different reasons, mostly poor planning, but I think it should still be enjoyable. Our costumes are usually a combination of store bought items and DIY, which makes it super fun for me. I know it's corny, but my husband and I usually do "couples" costumes. We didn't start off that way, but I think a pirate party made him realize that we're a much cuter Halloween couple when we actually look like we're matching in some way.

The first year we did it, I went as Princess Peach and he was Luigi, because he's just so much better suited as a Luigi, so we told everyone we were having an affair on Mario. (Sorry, no pic from this Halloween to be found) Our first year in AZ I had a girlfriend in town and he was chaperoning a school dance, so no cute outfits that year, but the next year we were both chaperoning so we had to do something fun. We were pursuing the costumes when we found an muscled Captain America jumpsuit, which Blake just had to have, so we went with a super hero theme. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding and feeling comfortable in most of the options I found in stores. While we were out to lunch the next weekend I saw a girl wearing a cute mighty mouse t-shirt and it hit me! So my super hero costume was born and I went as Mighty Mouse, which was super easy and super cute, and for a while one of my favorite costumes.

I was super excited when we moved back to KY and were going to be able to go to our friends' Halloween Parties, since his new school doesn't do a Halloween dance. For those who don't know the hubs and me, we're pretty dorky, and love comic books and BBC, so the next two years' costumes should be no surprise!
Meet our version of the Green Hornet and Cato.

Followed by our all-time favorite costume, so far... Dr. Who and his T.A.R.D.I.S.!!!! His costume didn't require much work, but I made mine from scratch and loved everything about it! It was so fun to make and super comfy to wear. (For those who are not aware of who we are, the Doctor is a human looking alien who travels through time and space in a ship called the T.A.R.D.I.S. So yes, I was a space ship, technically, but watch just a few episodes on Netflix, and not only will it all make more sense but you'll be hooked!)

This year, Blake's doing a historical zombie walk for his kids at school, which has resulted in our costumes being Zombie Cesar and Cleopatra. I've made these costumes as well. Like I said, not as exciting or fun as last year's but I'll be sure to share the finished product anyway.

What are you all going as for Halloween? I love hearing other's ideas for costumes!  


  1. Your costumes are too cute! You are so crafty and talented to make these on your own, I'm impressed! And you are soooooo right about the East Coast getting to see color this fall :)

    1. Thank you! Halloween always seems so much better when I've made my costume, especially since most adult costumes are cheaply made, clingy, and show way too much skin!